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We launched the business with the team who wants implement their knowledge and skills in the best possible way.
Our business (main activity) is marketing and consulting services with focus on web services.
Internet advertising which includes: banner ads , design , development and maintenance of websites, advertisements on the web radio, direct and MLM marketing, recommendations for advertising on public billboards, services of a professional photo-shooting are parts of our marketing services and consulting that we realize for you.

Visual ID

Creating a logo solutions in several versions, letterheads, design business cards, brochures, catalogs, packaging of products ...

Marketing Concept

it has four basic elements (known as 4P): product , price , placement, promotions.


Complete content, excellent position on the Google Search is our priority at each individual site development and internet marketing.

Online presence

Creating an online presence along with website and creative design of visual ID, possibility of publishing eBook, online galleries, online shops, advertisements, personal web presentations, campaigns ...


We present a part of our portfolio

All ID Web design Online


We have successful experience in implementation of marketing management, always respects the demands of our clients. We create quality web sites with visual identity, excellent navigation, visibility and design, positioning in Google top 10 searching engine. Excellent relationship quality - price, successful communication, loyalty long-term cooperation are the aims toward which we continually strive to.

it has four basic elements (known as 4P): product- the design in order to satisfy the needs of consumers and be competitive. price - refers to the cost of the product or service. placement (distribution) - product placement and services to consumers. promotion - besides advertising (advertisement) includes other types of promotion: promotional sales, price games, personal sale ...
Is the key segment of consulting MWPC-a, refers to the advice in the field of computers and IT solution. From consulting about the purchase of computers according to your business requirements to the specific help in solving certain problems about working on PC.
Banner advertising within MIS - marketing internet systems of the group.Our advising for billboard advertising - LED video billboards and classic. Standards forms of promo materials - business cards, flyers, catalogs, product package etc.

Marketing web monthly plans

Marketing plans.

  • Standard
  • 149
  • Updating and managing the website
  • Banner advertisement on the portals of the M Concept Group
  • SEO
  • 4 PR Blog articles
  • Share web hosting
  • Concept
  • 249
  • Standard plan +
  • Social networks (facebook, instagram)
  • 1 domain
  • Cloud web hosting pack
  • Words of mouth
  • Premium
    Monthly plan
  • 349
  • Concept plan +
  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Photo and design
  • Business consulting, meetings and analyses

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Clients and associates are our top priority. As we look forward to the success of our clients, we are always there for them as a support.

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Marketing Concept

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